Daughter of the Most High King, committed follower of Jesus, intent on pursuing a vision found in Proverbs 11:10, "When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices..."

Today, I'm on assignment as a minister of reconciliation in Silicon Valley, starting at my place of work: a major consumer electronics company in Cupertino, CA where I get to dream about and execute ways to serve people and communities in and through customer experience innovation.

Motivated by my identity in and love for Jesus, as well as my journey as a millennial, first-generation Filipino immigrant woman (born in the Philippines, raised in the Bay Area) who has spent her entire professional career in the tech industry, I'm intentional about fostering inclusive workplace culture that invites everyone to authentically be their whole self - including their Christian identity - while they do their best work. To this end, I currently co-lead my company's Christian employee resource group and partner with other ERG leaders within my company and across other Silicon Valley companies to enrich the lives of our coworkers, customers and the communities we're in. 

I wish I could say that I was always this "integrated" in how I live out my Christian identity in and through my character, community and daily work. But this wasn't always the case. 

Growing up, I was called Joy at home and at church. I was called Christeen at school and eventually at work. I was Joy in my private and church life, Christeen in professional and work life. I was convinced for a long time that this compartmentalized way of being was the only way. That my Christian identity did not belong at work, and work had no significance in shaping my Christian identity.

Finally, I started to pray: "God, am I being who You have designed me to be?" Over time, He revealed that if I remained compartmentalized, I would never be who He designed me to be. Then I dove into more prayer plus intentional study, practice and community to begin to reconcile the ideas of "calling" and "career." I discovered in God's Word that work matters deeply to Him and is a way in which I get to grow more in the likeness of Jesus in and through my character, community and competency. At the same time, growing in my faith in Jesus does not have to be limited to church on Sundays but can happen in all areas of my life every moment of every day, including at work.

This is why I'm passionate about helping other people and organizations explore that same transformative question that I asked myself years ago: "God, are we being who You have designed us to be?" 

Together, I invite us to love one another, dream bigger and challenge traditional views of "Christian identity" and "Christian ministry" so that we can get closer to becoming who God has uniquely designed us to be, pursuing obedience to the unique assignments He has prepared in advance for us to do, setting right things that are broken and bringing about rejoicing in our communities for such a time as this!

Here's a thought: What would it look like for all Christians of all generations, cultures, denominations, in all cities, homes, schools and places of work to prosper spiritually, physically, relationally, emotionally, mentally and materially in such a way that sets right things that are broken and brings about ever increasing foretastes of Heaven on earth? 


Christeen is the youngest of 8 children, aunt to 11 nieces and nephews, based in Silicon Valley and considers Church of the Valley her home. Her views are all her own and do not represent the organizations she is a part of.


©2019 by Christeen Joy Rico