©2019 by Christeen Joy Rico


Christeen Joy Rico is a daughter of the Most High King called to serve others in the marketplace in Silicon Valley and beyond

Pursuing faith and work integration has been my lifelong journey and I want to share everything I've learned to benefit the lives of others. I do so through speaking, coaching and consulting. 

I grew up called Joy at home and at church. I was called Christeen at school and eventually in business. I was Joy in my private life and faith, Christeen in public life and work. I was convinced for a long time that this compartmentalized way of living was the only way.

Eventually, I realized this was a huge lie that was holding me back from being and working purposefully in the way I was designed for! Through years of prayer, study, practice and community I discovered and internalized that work matters deeply to God and faith has a critical role to play in all areas of life.  

Today, I help men and women challenge traditional views to pursue an intentional journey of faith and work integration, thereby amplifying their impact in the world in partnership with God. 

I regularly speak at local churches (sample), colleges and faith and work events. I'm a leader in the Bay Area Faith and Work Movement. I moderated panels at the U.S. Faith at Work Summit. I'm a delegate and upcoming speaker at the Lausanne Global Workplace Forum in the Philippines in June 2019. I've been featured in the iWork4Him radio show and in Fuller Magazine's Issue on Work. I currently work on international expansion for a large tech company in Silicon Valley and am part of the Church of the Valley community in Santa Clara, CA.